Look At Me - Shanthini Venugopal

Having a strong backing of over 30 years in experience, there’s little who can trump Shanthini Venugopal on and off the stage. Over the years she has freelanced with almost every aspect in the theatre industry. From producer, stage manager to prop manager and being the front of house for various (local and international) theatre companies since 1981, Shanthini’s name can be found as one of the pioneer members of The Instant Cafe Theatre, which made its debut 26 years ago.

File pix of Shanthini and her son CJ Hariharan

Fifteen years ago she ventured out with her own theatre company called The Jumping Jellybeans (JJB). The company focuses on creating productions especially for children. Over the years she has shared her training with student from all across the country. In 2005, The Jumping Jellybeans received recognition from the BOH Cameronian Awards for ‘Best Community Arts project’ in 2005.

In a paradigm shift of sorts, after a 15-year hiatus, Shanthini will be doing a solo-gig titled LOOK AT ME in November 13th &14th at the Space Toccata, SS2, PJ. Tickets are priced at RM40 per person, and this includes soft drinks and wine sponsored by D'Legends Bar, TTDI. Call 016-3618504 to book your seats.