MICF2015: The Only Riot Worth Your Time

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow returned to PJ Live Arts after their local debut last year, with yet another round of Australian stars and international discoveries from this year’s Festival. With a lineup featuring the likes of Andy Saunders, Nick Cody, Urzila Carlson and ElbowSkin – it is a wonder the roaring auditorium found any time to remember to breathe.

Now in its 17th year, the world-renowned Roadshow embarked on a twelve-day tour of Asia taking in Hong Kong, Singapore before finally heading to Bolehland with shows in Kuala Lumpur and Penang.

For an audience that is used to having comedians play the excruciatingly passé race and/or sex cards with way-too-obvious and predictable shots at local politics, it was thoroughly refreshing to have such a diverse line-up of comedians share a bit of Ozzie humour accompanied by equal amount of jibes taken at locally current affairs without striking any sensitive nerves.

The two-hour show was chockfull of power-packed punch lines served with a side of elbow nudging ala you-know-I’m-just-kidding-right. Still, there will be no justice if the audience, or the performers ever more so, failed to admit that the ice-cream on this already delightful ice-kacang was host for the night, Dave Callan.

From start to finish, Callan kept the audience pumped with his own ammo of jokes and witticisms in between sets, ending the show with a full 3 min 19s “Single Ladies” dance routine – all Beyoncé moves included!!

With any luck, they'll be back again next year. 

Callan channelling his inner-Bey during his Single Ladies routine

Warm, funny, likable ... beard on point. Nick Cody's most treasured Asian discovery is the revolutionary toilet hose.

South African born New Zealand citizen, comic Urzila Carlson didn't wait too long before pointing out that sometimes people from Africa are fat ... and white. 

You've not heard Black humour 'til it comes from an Indian-looking Aboriginal with a voice-box to give all voice-actors and EDM DJs a run for their money - Andy Saunders.

Australia's premier musical comedy duo, Dave and Ern from ElbowSkin - professional beer drinkers and song singers, whose passage through adulthood included full and unconditional acceptance of the fact that their mums, and yours too, all love having sex ... as much as you do. 

*All photographs courtesy of PJLA