More Life - TheatreThreeSixty

In conjunction with its first anniversary – and to open its season for 2015 – Ling’s company will be rolling out wearetheatrethreesixty 2015, a mini arts festival featuring theatre, experimental performance art and music. Each event revolves around theatrethreesixty’s theme for 2015, “More Life”. The 5-day festival, which began March 26, is being housed at The Jewel (opposite Damansara Performing Arts Centre in Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya).

One of the major events in the programme is a staging of British dramatist Caryl Churchill’s non-linear play Love and Information, featuring the talents of Andrew Wood, Carmen Liao, Darrel Neoh, Hannan Azlan, Ivan Chan Atienza, Nabil Zakaria, Shaun Chen, Sheila Wyatt, Stefanie Paulus and Tika Mu’tamir. The play boasts 50 scenes on both love and information, with the cast playing over 100 different characters in different scenarios throughout the show which explores our fractured, data-clogged culture with a mosaic of microdramas.

Apart from Love and Information, the five day festival, which draws to a close tomorrow, also features two living performance art galleries - Emporium: The Galleries of Life & Death, late night happenings features spoken word performances by Poetry Café, KL and free acting and writing workshops.

“Our focus this year is on work that is immersive and site-specific – which were the clearest, emerging hallmarks from our inaugural season. We are in search of an empowered audience experience that is interactive and active in nature,” Ling further explains.

Love & Information boasts 50 scenes on both love and information, with the cast playing over 100 different characters in different scenarios

Emporium: The Gallery Of Life, an experimental performance art exhibition curated by Alex Chua and Alexis Wong, will feature actors, artists and performers becoming exhibits, transforming themselves into still life objects and living sculptures that portray the lives of others. The performance brings out the celebration of life, and the deconstruction of lives both mundane and spectacular.

The exhibition will be paired with Emporium: The Gallery of Death by Chua, a murder mystery where visitors to the exhibition can win a prize by deducing who out of six suspects did the deed. Another highlight was Friday Night with Monday Show, which featured the students of the Monday Show music theatre programme singing songs on life, death, love and information.

The festival continues tomorrow with (A) Love and Information @ 8.30pm; (B) Emporium: The Gallery of Life @ 4pm; (C) Emporium: The Gallery of Death @ 4pm; (B) True Face/Fake Face @ 11am and culminates with a birthday party with guests and sponsors” (C) theatrethreesixty Turns One @ 10:30pm.

Tickets are priced at RM35 for show (A), RM15 for show (B), entry by donation for show (C), RM10 to fill in a ‘solve’ card at the exit, entry by donation for workshops (A) & (B), RM20 each for happenings (A) & (B) and entry by invitation for happenings (C). Promotions include a wearetheatrethreesixty 2015 Festival Pass at RM80 to watch all shows, happenings and workshops. To purchase, call +6019 3297307