Sweet Libations at Laundry

Since it opened its doors in 2006, Laundry was known among up and coming bands as the best venue to break out and showcase their talent but the emergence of various live music venues across town challenging its prominence brought about a cosmetic facelift and a reformation of its music format. Albeit still allocating one day per week to live music, the stage has now been transformed into a DJ’s console to make way for the waves of Electro Dance Music.

The hangout spot’s profile is set to be enhanced with regular slots of Cover Me Wednesdays, Laundry Live Thursdays and DJ Nights on Fridays & Saturdays ... and if that’s not good enough for the hard-to-please Malaysian palate, they will soon be famed for serving some of the best cocktails in town.

By the end of May, Laundry will introduce a slew of handpicked and crafted cocktails set to quench the thirst of everyone; bushed shoppers and Indie music enthusiasts alike. Here are some of our favourites:

Tokyo Rose RM16.90

Beautifully concocted with the perfect blend of sakae, peach liquer, orange & cranberry juice, this oriental delight is the perfect choice for light drinkers with a sweet tooth. Shaken with ice – not stirred – the tropical Tokyo Rose starts of easily and ends just as well, stopping only for a moment to entice you, with bursts of citrus, to take another sip.

Sakura Cherry Blossom Child RM16.90

Another oriental delight, the Sakura Cherry Blossom Child is not as childlike as its name seems to imply. This measure of sakae, muddled with fresh lychees and grapes, is stronger and will be slightly more successful than her fruity counterpart in bequeathing you a hangover the next day. Adult supervision recommended. 

Soco Peach Tea RM18.90

Here to give her well-loved compeer from Long Island a run for her money is a mixture of Southern Comfort, Monin peach puree, sweet & sour and Pepsi. The only new entry that is decanted in a tall glass, paying no heed to the maxim that suggests that less could be satisfactory, the Soco Peach Tea is perfect for any occassion, especially humid evenings when a beer seems a lil too heavy to handle. 

Slushy Watermelon Vodka RM18.90

In the real heat of the year-long summer here in KL, you will find yourself wanting something more than the average chilled drink; that's probably when you should head on down to Laundry for their frozen infusion of watermelon, Absolut vodka and Midori. Refreshing and feminine, the Slushy Watermelon Vodka has the tendency to transport you to downtown Manhattan, seated right next to your gal pal, Carrie Bradshaw dishing out news hot off the press ... you know the rest. 

Grape Delight RM21.90

Far from least on our list, the Grape Delight is aptly named and quintessential for the thirsty wanderer who cannot decide whether to have a house red or a cocktail. In a picture-perfect union, the Grape Delight marries a raspberry flavoured Smirnoff, Creme de Cassis. Red Wine and Maraschino liquer; bringing to life good, good, good libation worthy of song.

Kevin Sintumuang of GQ once wrote, "If you don't like cocktails, you've been drinking the wrong ones"  or in this case, frequenting the wrong bars.