The Big Top - Swiss Dream Circus 2015

“Do something you have dreamed about all your life and you will experience something you never dreamed of!” – This the quote that inspired the inception of the Swiss Dream Circus some 10 years ago.

Opening Ceremony - Pix by 9 Inch Tales

In June last year, Unreserved spoke to former designer Marco Baumgartner, who together with long-time friend, Ismail Stork brought the magic and enchantment of the circus realm to our shores with their very own Swiss Dream Circus. Over the Labor Day-Wesak long weekend, the Swiss Dream Circus made a triumphant return to our Malaysian shores in Johor Bharu, in what they hope to be an annual event.

This year, the Swiss Dream Circus returns with a show and performers that are bigger and better than the year before,” says Marco, whose Swiss ancestry gives the circus its name. He's constantly on the lookout for fresh and awe-inspiring performers with unique acts, whether by attending various circuses across the globe or by simply scouring the net and checking out their stunts online.   

In the line-up this year are Ukrainian Jump Rope superstars Double Dutch who kick off the show, hilariously funny clown Andre makes intervallic appearances with antics and mime acts akin to the well-loved British comic Rowan Atkinson is his role as Mr. Bean; and young and ambitious Canadian Francis Perreault , who exudes power, elegance and precise skills with his Cyr Wheel number.

The line-up also features the likes of Cirque du Soleil favourites, Icarian Games pros, Aleshin Brothers, the strong and agile X-Treme Brothers; and a mesmerizing aerial act by Russian Ekaterina Shustova to name a few. As with all good things, the best is saved for last; with rope jumping stunts more than ten meters above the ground. This act - Los Ortiz and the Colombian Wheel of Death - is sure to cast their spell on you. Expect to go weak in the knees, as you watch an act of derring-do that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Francis Perreault accompanied by songstress, Anja Welder - Pix by 9 Inch Tales

While finding the right acts is key to the success of the circus, Marco and Ismail take a lot of pride to ensure that they create the right atmosphere, too.

One of their main attractions in certainly the Big Top, the circus tent which houses the performances throughout the tour.  Swiss Dream Circus' big top was shipped in from Italy and assembled on-site by trained tent-masters. While the actual circus tent is smaller than last year's big top, the air-conditioned arena, which can comfortably accommodate between 800-1000 people.

“The Big Top that we will be using this year has been shipped in specifically for this event. It is smaller than the one we had last year but we made it so because we are looking to create a perfectly intimate circus atmosphere for the audience to be able to fully enjoy the performances, regardless of which ticket they purchase,” he shared.

With minimal stage props, the different elements of the Swiss Dream Circus are woven together with the fabric of brilliant audio and visual production that have been precisely engineered and designed to further enhance the already incredible display of acrobatic, balance, aerial stunts and thrilling acts.  

The Swiss Dream Circus will continue their second season at Mutiara Park, Mutiara Damansara from May 23rd 2015. Ticket prices start at RM45 and can be purchased from or via their HOTLINE +603.8080.8700. For group reservations and corporate sales please contact: +603.2241.9503 / 9504 or email:

This article was published on May 22, 2015 in Unreserved.