The Circus Family

On the 23rd of May, the Swiss Dream Circus kicked-off the second leg of its annual tour in Mutiara Park, Mutiara Damansara. Among their diverse 10-act line up are some of the world’s top circus performers featuring the likes of award-winning Swiss clown, Andre and other awe-inspiring acts namely, Ekaterina Shustova the graceful aerial artist, the Jump Rope trio and the heart-stopping Wheel of Death duo, Los Ortiz.

Also, in the line-up is an authentic Blytonian circus family, the Omelchenkos.  Talented juggler, Vladimir Omelchenko has been travelling and performing all across Europe, juggling clubs and amazing audiences everywhere he goes. Like a small tornado, the 24-year old is able to juggle up to five clubs at a time; switching over to hoops in the middle of his performance.  With beach blond hair spiked out and a cheeky smile epitomizing his mischievous nature, it is clear that he was made for the spotlight.

Still, you will not quite remember him his juggling skills, rather for his absolute fearlessness and body control. Assisted by his equally charming and stunning wife, the Omelchenkos also perform a Rola-Rola act that is designed to defy the force of gravity, piling up on each other's roles to construct new variations. Perfect timing, dexterity and coordination are crucial to create an act like this but even more so than that, trust is most essential when the stakes are so high.

The couple who met and fell in love in the circus now have a little daughter with them on the road, “Maybe for others having their toddler with them as they travel across the globe could be tiring and a little hard to manage but I love have my wife and daughter with me wherever I go.  When the circus life becomes too stressful, having them by my side really helps to keep my mind off my troubles.”

The Omelchenkos who have been married for 5 years were delighted when they received news of their firstborn, never losing much sleep over how it may change and affect their life as travelling performers; and Vladimir shares that they will happily welcome another.

“It is not really difficult, she is with us all the time, even during our rehearsals and the rest of the circus performers who are with us are help keep an eye on her when it’s our turn to perform,” he said.

Catch the Omelchenkos at the Swiss Dream Circus from now – 14th June 2015 at Mutiara Park, Mutiara Damansara. Circus-goers can enjoy a special School Holiday promotion for weekday shows: Buy 1 ticket, get 50% discount on the 2nd ticket (for seats above RM100 only). Follow the troupe on Instagram @SwissDreamCircus for the latest updates. 

This article was published on June 2, 2015 in the Malay Mail.