The Hidden Lady

It was our very own Indiana Jones/Tomb Raider chapter in Ta Prohm. Climbing roots and ruins of temple walls, discovering the little treasures that still manage to surface from a lost temple left in the clutches of a relentless jungle. With some wanderlust and a little help from So, our tour guide, we came face-to-face with the Hidden Face of Ta Prohm.

Even as she is held hostage under the monstrous clamps of the roots of the ficus trees that envelope the temple, like a child in a game of Hide and Seek, her slight Mona Lisa-esque smile is nearly taunting, chanting, "You'll never find me here!" No one person can be altogether doubtless if she remains captive perforce of if, by gusts of changing Scandinanian winds, she has developed a psychologically traumatic bond with her captor. 

The mysteries of this jungle has left an unquenchable desire in my heart to be the next Frenchie to wander, machete in hand, discovering the next greatest wonder of the world.